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~Questions and Answers~

Q: What is a Microcurrent Facial?

A: Microcurrent Facial is a non-invasive facial therapy and a clinical approach to facial rejuvenation. It stimulates dermal collagen and tightens elastin/collagen and will improve the overall health of the skin and facial contouring. Maximum results are achieved with consistent treatments. 


Q: Will Microcurrent Hurt?  

A: This is a painless treatment that requires no downtime and zero scarring. Microcurrent stimulates cellular activity in the skin naturally without any chemicals.


Q: Will my Microcurrent treatment cause my face to drop or lose the sculpting effect after a session?

A: Short answer is no, your face will not drop. Just like lifting weights at the gym stimulates the muscles - microcurrent stimulates the muscles and connective tissue of our face which over time, becomes more sculpted. The more treatments you do the better the results. 


Q: What Specialty Facial is best for me?

A: Here are some general tips to help you navigate through the menu:

If you're looking to be pampered and relax- The Healing Facial or our NEW Wellness Facelift

Want a deep cleanse for blackheads, general congestion, and/or acne breakouts? - Acne/Extraction Facial

Specific skincare goals - You can choose any of the Specialty Facials with confidence knowing that you'll have a great experience. Each facial begins with a skin analysis so that any concerns or questions can be addressed.

Q: What is Milia?

A: Milia are small superficial cysts commonly seen on the face, generally around the eyes and cheeks but can be found elsewhere. They will appear as tiny, pearly-white bumps that contain keratin (skin protein) just under the surface of the skin and are harmless. Our Skin Classic Treatment is available for this and other skin irregularities. 

Q: What products do you recommend to help Milia?

A: I highly suggest the Image Serums, the right serum for your skin will restore moisture, repair, and maintain a healthy skin barrier function. Apply the serum 2-4 weeks prior to your milia extraction service. This will allow easier extractions and lessen the appearance of milia in the future. I carry the serum(s) in the spa for purchase.

Q: I am interested in Microdermabrasion but concerned that it will hurt or that I'll need time to recover afterward.

A: One of the misconceptions about microdermabrasion is that it hurts or will leave your face red. Neither one of these is true. This is a beautiful treatment that gives the skin a deeper exfoliation and leaves you glowing.

*Please Note: Those with Sunburn, Inflammed Rosacea, Pregnancy, Active Cold Sores, Stroke/Heart Conditions, Topical Facial Medications or Recent Chemo/Radiation should avoid this service.   

Q: I'm interested in Chemical Peels how will they help my skin?

A: The best Chemical Peel for your skin is chosen during an in-office consultation and can vary in strength and recovery. I'd like to point out that contraindications, realistic expectations, and post-care are addressed during your visit.

Chemical peels benefit the skin's tone & texture and balance out hyperpigmentation, age spots, scarring, and superficial lines & wrinkles. Most skincare goals require a series of peels.

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